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Blood pressure or hypertension is often called the silent killer because there often are no symptoms.  Your numbers are your only warning.    What do the numbers mean?  A normal reading is a systolic of 120 or less AND a diastolic of 80 or less or 120/80.  Any readings that are higher on either the systolic or diastolic should be reported to your physician.  Anyone can have high blood pressure but your likelihood of having it increase with age and other factors including diabetes and being overweight.

A couple tips from diabetics that help them maintain good glucose readings on a daily basis:

1.  Choose small portions and avoid second helpings

2.  Have a good support system in place - a friend or co-worker who is also diabetic can help you on your "bad" days. 

3.  Stay educated.  Attending diabetes education programs gives you the opportunity to learn about good food and lifestyle choices to help maintain stable glucose readings.  Visit the American Diabetes Associations website for helpful information @

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Blood Pressure