The Solution

How does the program work?

HealthQuest is a non-profit organization that provides free* prescription medications to residents who need assistance in order to control chronic medical conditions.  Our organization helps those without prescription insurance or financial resources to afford their medications.  HealthQuest is also able to help clients on Medicare D when they fall in the "donut hole".

*Clients pay a $20  administrative fee but all medications are free.








Income Guidelines

HealthQuest uses 200% of the Federal Poverty Level for qualification in our program.  View the current amounts here.

*There are some medications that are obtainable over this limit.  We suggest contacting our office for an individual consultation.

HealthQuest is a licensed non-profit pharmacy that provides free prescriptions to residents of Union, Anson, Stanly, Lancaster and Chesterfield counties who cannot afford prescriptions for their chronic medical conditions.

HealthQuest helps people without prescription insurance or other reimbursement and who are without funds to buy maintenance medications. HealthQuest provides monthly medications for conditions such as high blood pressure, depression, high cholesterol, diabetes and many others.  


Residents of Union, Anson, Stanly counties in NC and Chesterfield and Lancaster counties in SC, who meet our income and eligibility requirements are able to receive medications from HealthQuest.

You do not have to be a senior citizen to be eligible.  We accept clients who are 18 or older.  In fact, more than 75% of our clients are younger than 62.  Children 18 and younger may be eligible if they are not enrolled in Medicaid or NC Health Choice.

Who is eligible?

  • Since opening in 1999, HealthQuest has distributed more than 760,000 prescriptions with a retail value of more than $110 million.
  • Last year, HealthQuest distributed more than 37,000 prescriptions valued at more than $8.8 million.

Are you, or someone you know, not taking daily prescription medications because they are too expensive?  Do you have money for either food or prescriptions, but not both?  This problem affects thousands of residents, often sending them to the emergency room because their chronic health conditions are out of control.  Ongoing need for medicines often creates dangerous health risks for many of our neighbors. 

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The Need

HealthQuest screens potential clients by appointment.  Contact our office at 704-226-2050 (Monroe) or 704-994-4720 (Wadesboro) to set up an appointment or to find out more information about becoming a client.  If approved for the program,  our pharmacist will review your prescriptions and advise which medications we can fill.  We do not dispense controlled substances or narcotics. 

You will be given an appointment time to pick up your medications.  You will receive a 30 day supply.  A pharmacist is also available during this time to provide counseling.  Clients receive an average of 4.1 prescriptions each month with a value of $745 and pay only a $20 administrative fee, regardless of the cost of their prescriptions. 

HealthQuest fills up to six prescriptions a month.  For clients with more than six prescriptions, HealthQuest fills the most significant or most expensive prescriptions. 

In addition to the medications HealthQuest purchases, we acquire medications through patient assistance programs and donations from local physician offices.  We are funded through grants and contributions which limits HealthQuest to providing a maximum of six medications per client.